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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Pillarhouse: Lower-Cost Selective Soldering
Jade-Handex entry-level selective soldering system.
Widford, U.K. — Pillarhouse International is showing selective soldering solutions that are especially suitable for lean manufacturing. The machines can be configured as hand load or in-line versions, both offering significant time and cost savings over the closest competitors.

The Jade Handex is designed with a hand-rotate mechanism allowing the operator to load a board in one of two universally adjustable board nests while another board is being processed simultaneously thus greatly reducing the amount of lost production time during the PCB load/unload process.

The machine has been designed to meet the needs of lean manufacturing, and offers high speed flexible throughput at minimal cost. It can hold a PC board of up to 457 x 508mm (18 x 20-in.) which are hand-loaded into its twin PC board rotary table transport system to allow simultaneous load and unload during product processing.

The in-line Orissa Synchrodex variant has a conveyor system which when a machine is placed in-line, allows the PCB in the fluxer, pre-heat and soldering module to move simultaneously, reducing the transport time of product waiting between stations.

The company has also introduced its new patented rapid solder bath release system allowing changeover of the complete bath and pump system without the need to disconnect/connect any of the usual plugs and sockets associated with this process. This greatly reduces change-over time between products. This approach is aided by a new heated holding station that allows for the external solder bath and pump system to be held just below the melting point so when changed it takes only minutes to reach the required operating temperature.

Contact: Pillarhouse USA, Inc., 635 Touhy Ave., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 847-593-9080 fax: 847-593-9084 Web:

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