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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Acculogic: Hi Performance Flying Prober

Markham, ON, Canada — Acculogic's Manufacturing Test Systems Division, is showing the Flying Scorpion FLS920Dx Flying Probe Tester. The FLS920 adds formidable new capabilities to the already powerful Scorpion Flying Probe Tester. In addition to no-compromise double-sided test capability, variable ...Read More
Digitaltest: Integrated Test Systems

Stutensee, Germany — Digitaltest GmbH is unveiling a new flying probe solution — the Condor III Innovation Package. Two testers integrated into one hardware system provide users with increased flexibility and lower cost-of-ownership for application-specific test requirements. This new test...
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High Voltage Cable Test System from CAMI

Acton, MA — CAMI Research is introducing a high-voltage module for its CableEye M3U cable test system that permits expanded testing for insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown. After checking for opens, shorts, miswires, and resistance limits, the new HVX hipot module will apply a user-selectable ...Read More
Pillarhouse: Lower-Cost Selective Soldering

Widford, U.K. — Pillarhouse International is showing selective soldering solutions that are especially suitable for lean manufacturing. The machines can be configured as hand load or in-line versions, both offering significant time and cost savings over the closest competitors.Read More
Heidenhain Intros Latest Quadra-Chek DRO

Schaumburg, IL — The new Quadra-Chek ND 1300 digital readout (DRO) — especially designed for convenient 2-D measurement and using a cutting-edge video system — is now available exclusively through the global distribution network of Heidenhain Corporation. Previously known and sold by the Heidenhain subsidiary, Metronics, Inc., the DROs continue to hold a top spot when supporting gauging systems, but will no longer carry the Metronics name.
The newest ND 1300 Quadra-Chek — one of five of the current...
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Aerotech Direct-Drive Linear Stage

Pittsburgh, PA — Aerotech ANT130-L series stages are described as offering best-in-class performance in speed, accuracy, resolution, repeatability, reliability, and travel range, and are offered in two accuracy grades. With its low profile and high performance, these stages provide an excellent solution ...Read More
Aeroflex Extends LTE to its PXI Platform

Plainview, NY — Aeroflex has added new LTE measurement capabilities to its flexible, modular PXI 3000 platform. This latest addition enables production test engineers to achieve faster time to volume for RF components and LTE user equipment. The new measurement suite option for the PXI 3000 allows production test system engineers to use low-cost modular PXI equipment to characterize LTE terminals, chipsets and RF components. LTE terminals will feature the coexistence of LTE with legacy standards in the same device. Support for multiple cellular standards in a single test platform...
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Agilent Launches New ICT Series

Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the Medalist i3070 Series 5 in-circuit test (ICT) platform. The new system offers new analog measurement technology together with the industry's fastest 12MHz hybrid pin card, giving electronic manufacturers 20 to 30 percent throughput improvement ...Read More
Assembleon: First US Installation of MC-1 P&P

Veldhoven, Netherlands — Royal Philips Electronics subsidiary Assembleon has installed its first MC-1 surface mount pick-and-place machine in the United States, at Minarik Drives. While most U.S. manufacturers are cutting back because of the economy, Minarik Drives, based in South Beloit, IL, continues to aggressively invest...
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DEK: Paste Roll Height Monitor

Rolling Meadows, IL — DEK has launched its brand new Paste Roll Height Monitor, an easy-to-use productivity tool designed to eliminate defects and improve end-of-line yield. Using lasers to detect the presence of solder paste, the new technology monitors the height of the paste roll to provide operators  with a new level of process control.
With simple and fast set-up guaranteed by the company's...
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ECD: Easy Oven Verification Without Thermocouples

Milwaukie, OR — ECD has introduced OvenCHECKER, the latest addition to its line of thermal profiling and oven verification products. Used to verify that ovens remain in spec after a board's initial "characterization" profile, OvenCHECKER is designed to be self-contained, and requires no thermocouples ...Read More
Silicone-Free Thermal Solutions from Electrolube

Kingsbury Park, UK — Electrolube has launched two new thermal management solutions: HTCX and HTCPX. They are both enhanced versions of the well-established products HTC and HTCP. Both new products have improved thermal conductivity, lower oil bleed, and lower evaporation weight loss compared with ...Read More
Goepel: Total Test Coverage, Total Integration

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic is demonstrating how to achieve the highest possible fault and test coverage by combining and integrating several test technologies. The company focuses on delivering integrated test solutions utilizing various test methodologies so that customers receive the maximum ...Read More
JTAG: Testing Clusters for Functionality

Eindhoven, Netherlands — In addition to its ActiveTest tool, JTAG Technologies now offers JTAG Functional Test (JFT) simplifying test preparation and interpretation of results for sequential clusters, testing mixed signal parts such as ADCs and DACs, testing parts that require user intervention, ...Read More
MVP Ultra AOI Checks Semicons & Packaging

Carlsbad, CA — Machine Vision Products is demonstrating the Ultra 850G Semiconductor, Packaging and MicroElectronics AOI solution. The company has sold over 100 of these systems in the last 24 months. The Ultra 850G is the latest addition to the company's line of Automated Optical Inspection tools. The system is configurable to be deployed in all aspects of...
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Alpha & AIM Solder Paste Qualify for Mydata Jet Printer

Bromma, Sweden — Mydata's two leading solder paste partners, Alpha and AIM, have released solder pastes that are designed and qualified for the Mydata MY500 Jet Printer. According to the company, jet printing demand continues to be strong despite general weak market conditions. The company has seen a 50 percent increase in sales this year, representing a continued strong...
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OK Int'l Intros Modular Rework System

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has launched its new MRS-1000 Modular Rework System, a convection rework system for the removal and placement of BGA/CSP and SMT components. The Modular Rework System integrates state-of-the-art assembly technologies to widen application possibilities and enhance  productivity going forward.
By integrating advanced rework technologies, the new product provides an extremely versatile system. It is comprised of a handheld convection tool with a wide array of nozzles, preheater, adjustable tool holder...
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Pickering: Relay Self Test for PXI Switching

Clacton-on-Sea, UK — Verification and diagnosis of complex switching operation in a test system has always been an issue, especially in the PXI platform. For this...
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PI Intros Next Gen Nanopositioning Controllers

Auburn, MA — Piezo system specialist PI is switching to a new generation of 24-bit resolution, nanopositioning stage controllers. The new controllers will enable better than 100 picometers command resolution for even the latest generation, long-travel, piezo nanopositioning systems (1mm and up), ...Read More
Schunk Intros New Metal Cutting Toolholder

Morrisville, NC — With the new SINO-R, Schunk is extending its toolholder product range with this product that is especially well suited for heavy-duty metal cutting and rough milling. The universal toolholder is based on the expansion technology system with a solid body as a pressure medium and is clamped very quickly using a simple actuation key. This saves the user a lot of setup time and considerably reduces unproductive machine down-times. The excellent interaction of high radial rigidity and very good dampening characteristics...
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