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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Christopher Assoc: New PV Compounds

Santa Ana, CA — Asia's Number 1 photovoltaic module sealants and potting compounds now available in North America from Christopher Associates. The Tonsan materials are said to represent some of the world's most advanced sealants and potting compounds for photovoltaic module manufacturing.Read More
Cookson Launches "Green" Wave Solder Flux

South Plainfield, NJ — Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is introducing its new ALPHA® EF-6103, an alcohol-based flux designed to optimize solderability and reliability. It was developed for both standard and thicker, high-density printed circuit board applications in both lead-free (standard ...Read More
Electronic Interconnect Offering Medical Electronics PCBs

Chicago, IL — Electronic Interconnect (EI) is now manufacturing specialized PCBs for medical device electronic assemblies and engineering and design services to help customers plan and develop medical electronic circuit assemblies. According to Pratish Patel, President and CEO, "Medical electronic  assemblies have unique requirements that set them apart from other types of electronic devices, such as consumer electronic products."
"Often, thermal management issues must be anticipated in the design, and assemblers must conform to certain quality standards such as ISO 13485. Medical product manufacturers in many instances can benefit from...
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Enhancing Bottom Line with Automated Store and Pick System

Westbrook, ME — When using traditional static storage or shelving, employees are forced to walk up and down aisles to search for items — wasting valuable work time. Productivity is crucial to keep electronic businesses operating at their best during these troubling economic times. Recent studies ...Read More
Eraser: Programmable Automated Cut and Strip

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model CS800 Wire Cut and Strip is a fully programmable, fully electric benchtop wire cutter and stripper. The unit can process wire from 10AWG to 30AWG and can quickly and precisely cut and partially strip 6,150 pieces per hour at 2.5-in. lengths (63.5mm), and 5,700 pieces ...Read More
Fancort Depaneler Separates Metalized Boards Stress-Free

West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort is introducing a new depaneling machine designed to separate metalized circuit boards from pre-scored panels without stress and excessive wear to the knives. The new machine is a pneumatically operated shear with two wedge-shaped knives that shear panels with a gentle ...Read More
Finecut Laser Die Cutting Station from Spartanics

Rolling Meadows, IL — Spartanics has introduced a Finecut Laser Die Cutting Station® is described as the world's only in-line laser die cutter. It is powered by the company's software that automates cutting sequences for optimum web speeds, has a built-in job run estimation tool, seamlessly cuts ...Read More
IPC Intros 10ml Re-Sealable Lubricant Tubes

Burlington, NJ — Re-sealable plastic tubes of P-80® Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricants are now available from International Products Corporation (IPC) in the new 10ml size sold in cases of 100. The new tubes have heat-sealed tips which will prevent leaks during shipping and keep material fresh ...Read More
ISI Now Certifies Reballed Parts

Camarillo, CA — Interconnect Systems, Inc. (ISI) has developed its reballing process to the extent the company can now certify that the silicon is protected to specific parameters throughout the process. ISI certifies that the parts are protected through the process to IPC/JEDEC J-STD MSL Classification as required by the...
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Manncorp: Dual-Pot Wave Soldering Machine

Willow Grove, PA — Assemblers requiring lead-free as well as a conventional tin-lead soldering capability, can now opt for a wave machine that has both. Manncorp's 28.400-2 is a compact dual-pot system, mounted on transport and storage carts that allow conversion from lead-free...
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Marantz Launches Automated Inspection Island

Eindhoven, Netherlands — Marantz Business Electronics has unveiled a new Inspection Island that is specially configured to save manufacturers time, cost and complexity. Working in partnership with Nutek, the company has pioneered fully automatic offline inspection operation. The new product offers ...Read More
Master Heat Gun Has Digital Display

Racine, WI — Master Appliance Corp., is introducing its new UL Certified Model PH-1400 Proheat® LCD Dial-In Heat Gun, with separate, easy-to-use, controls for digitally displayed temperatures in 10° increments. The heat gun's heat ranges from 130 to 1000°F (50 to 540°C), in user-selectable ...Read More
NBS Adds 4th Automated SMT Line

Santa Clara, CA — EMS provider NBS has installed an additional new SMT line at its headquarters facility in Santa Clara, California. Continued growth in demand for the company's end-to-end solutions fueled the need for what is now the fourth fully automated line in the facility.Read More
New EMI Gasket Design from Tech-Etch

Plymouth, MA — Tech-Etch has introduced a new Continuous Integrated Gasket for shielding honeycomb vents that reportedly offers better performance, reduced cost and the fastest production time. Continuous lengths of the high-performance BeCu gaskets are mechanically installed under the inner perimeter ...Read More
Next Generation Stencil Technology from TMP

Colorado Springs, CO — Thin Metal Parts (TMP) has introduced next generation surface mount technology (SMT) for stencil products. The company has developed three new proprietary stencils, each offering a special feature set and designed to meet a wide range of specific needs in the high-quality end of the printing ...Read More
Omron: Cost-Saving PCB Inspection Solutions

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronics LLC's VP 6000 is a 3-dimensional solder paste inspection system that is capable of inspecting 100 percent of solder paste deposition at in-line speeds. Utilizing structured light to perform 3D inspections and its special method of automatically adjusting the Z-Axis ...Read More
Scheugenpflug Launches New Dispensing System

Kennesaw, GA — Scheugenpflug has unveiled the latest version of its popular DOS A280 dispensing system. Made specifically for heat-conductive, abrasive, and highly viscous resins and pastes, the new dispensing system uses an innovative new pump system, with a patented...
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Smart Sonic: Green Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic manufactures original ultrasonic stencil cleaner, and its 440-R SMT Detergent first introduced in 1990 and remains the only stencil cleaning chemistry to effectively clean all solder pastes introduced over the past 20 years. According to the company, this has saved users ...
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Tharo Intros Portable Gen2 RFID Reader

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. is introducing its new UHF Generation 2 RFID reader priced at less than $1,000. The PR100 reader is designed for ease of use, comfort and mobility, has an LCD display, provides long battery life and is capable of saving up to 4,000...
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Xuron Precision Wire Cutter

Saco, ME — A precision wire cutter that employs bypass cutting action rather than compression cutting for cleanly separating photo-chemically etched parts without deformation is available from Xuron Corp. The Xuron® Model 9200 Micro-Shear® Flush Cutter has a tapered head with precision cutting  edges that are well suited for separating photo-etched parts without deforming the adjacent parts.
Made from tough alloyed steel with the cutting edges hardened to Rc 56-58, this ergonomic cutter produces a square cut on materials from...
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