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Publication Date: 10/1/2009
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Evading Microsoft's Clutches

A news headline caught my eye the other day about a deal that fell through; the non-deal: Microsoft had been trying to buy Electronic Arts. It didn't work, and Electronic Arts is still free to live another day. My introduction to Electronic Arts came during a New York computer show back in 1982. I was writing for several computer publications at the time, and was trying to keep track of all the different formats. My home office looked something like a computer testing lab; we had an Apple IIe...

Heading for Normalcy

It has been 13 years since U.S. Tech started to publish its print edition on the Internet at http://www.us-tech.com. At first, all we did was to duplicate the print tabloid in our website. But it wasn't long before our advertisers discovered the benefits of having "hot links" from us-tech.com to their own web sites, and vice versa. Today, those hot links are an important part any advertising package that we sell.
The web site is vastly different today as well, with daily news postings every weekday, in addition to the contents of our print edition plus archives filled with back issues...

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