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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Electrolube: New High Thermal Conductivity Pastes
Thermally conductive paste and applicator gun.
Swadlincote, UK — Electrolube has created two new high-specification, single-component RTVs (Room Temperature Vulcanized) — TCER and TCOR. These two innovative new products are 100 percent solids materials are solvent-free and offer a high degree of thermal conductivity. They operate over a very wide temperature range making them suitable for a variety of uses, particularly in automotive applications.

The maximum continuous operating temperature suitable for both RTV compounds is 230°C, with short term excursions up to a maximum of 250°C. According to the company, the use of TCER and TCOR will reduce the equilibrium operating temperature of power devices of all kinds, thus improving lifetime and reliability.

TCER and TCOR are low in odor and cure upon exposure to atmospheric moisture. These RTVs are designed to fill the gap between the device and the heat sink and thus reduce thermal resistance at the boundary between the two. They can be applied around components such as capacitors and power resistors to dissipate excess heat to heat-sinks, avoiding any overheating and subsequent failures. TCOR is a high viscosity non-slump paste and TCER is a lower viscosity compound, covering a wide range of application requirements. Both products combine the properties of silicone rubber pads with those of a conventional heat transfer paste and can be used as low bond-strength adhesives, sealants or gasketing compounds.

Contact: Electrolube, Kingsbury Park, Midland Rd., Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 0AN, UK 44 (0) 1283 222111 fax: 44 (0) 1283 550177 E-mail: Web:

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