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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Micropelt Unveils TE Micro-Cooler Technology
Ultra-tiny TE cooler.
Freiburg, Germany — Micropelt GmbH is introducing the MPC-D40x series, a new generation of highly efficient thermoelectric coolers (TECs). The company's micro-structuring technology enables it to produce TECs with an electrical resistance of more than 30ΩOhms on a single square millimeter footprint.

The TEC, in combination with its controller system, can reportedly be driven at an efficiency of 90 percent and better. This new approach will impact the system architecture of applications using small TECs — including those where cooling is usually omitted because of system cost and power dissipation. Applications include cooling of lower power laser diodes and other active or passive devices in the telecommunications, photonics, optoelectronics, and sensors markets.

The new TECs are fabricated using semiconductor manufacturing processes that enable the company to produce the world's smallest micro-coolers. Feature sizes of 45 microns can accommodate 50 thermocouples per square millimeter, about ten times more than bulk Peltier technology can offer.

The MPC-D40x series can pump over 600 milliWatts with a drive current of 200 milliamps as required for thermal management of low power edge emitting lasers or VCSELs. At low drive currents the power efficiency of the TEC increases. At the same time, the design of the control circuitry can be simpler, which also translates to reductions of the bill-of-materials and circuit board footprint.

The wafer-based production technology brings economies of scale to the high volume manufacture of TECs. The TEC control system not only benefits from standard, inexpensive, readily available, and ultra-small TEC control circuit components, but its overall power efficiency results in greatly reduced power consumption and heat dissipation on densely packed circuit boards. The new micro-cooler represents a compelling technology for use with products not normally exposed to active cooling, but that would benefit from higher performance, tighter specifications, and further miniaturization.

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