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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Haydon Kerk: Size 14 Non-Captive Linear Actuators
High precision screw actuator.
Waterbury, CT — Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, Inc. is now offering the 35000 Series Size 14 double stack non-captive linear actuators. According to the company, these compact actuators are based on some of the most advanced technology in the world today.

The non-captive version of this linear actuator includes a precision leadscrew and a proprietary nut design integrated directly within the motor. The Size 14 double stack non-captive actuator is suitable for use in applications where a long stroke length is needed (20+ inches). Specific applications include precision linear stages, X-Y stages, and other multi-axis systems in medical, semiconductor, flat panel, and solar cell manufacturing.

These linear actuators occupy a minimal 35mm (1.4-in.) square space and are equipped with numerous patented innovations. The 35000 series Size 14 actuators are available in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from 0.0158mm (0.000625-in.) to 0.127mm (0.005-in.) per step and deliver thrust of up to 222N (50lbs) without compromising long life or accuracy. These models can also be micro stepped for even finer resolution. The use of proprietary manufacturing processes which incorporate engineering thermoplastics in the rotor drive nut and a stainless steel precision lead screw ensures that the motor is highly efficient and reliable. In addition to standard configurations, the company can custom design these actuators to meet specific application requirements.

Contact: HaydonKerk, 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705 800-243-2715 or 203-756-7441 fax: 203-756-8724 E-mail: Web:

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