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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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New Tacky Flux Technology from Henkel
Tacky no-clean flux.
Irvine, CA — Henkel describes its new Multicore® TFN700B as a breakthrough for emerging package-on-package (POP) device processes. The new no-clean, halide-free tacky flux material has been formulated specifically for today's challenging POP applications.

Though traditional ball attach tacky fluxes have been used for POP production, poor POP yields have made it increasingly evident that these formulations are not ideal for the industry's newest stacked package configurations. The new flux material has been designed to address the unique needs of POP product builds.

One of the most common issues with device stacking is ensuring that there is ample flux coverage to facilitate robust solder joint formation. Though this is partly attributable to process conditions — specifically, flux transfer consistency — this new product process has revealed that flux formulation methodology is also critical.

Typically, tacky fluxes used in assembly processes are non-Newtonian — they shear thin when used in application and their success relies heavily on establishing near-perfect processing methods. Because process parameters and equipment sets vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, non-Newtonian fluxes have resulted in low POP yields. The new tacky flux material, however, is a Newtonian-based system and, therefore, eliminates the shearing conditions associated with traditional tacky flux formulations, thus delivering flux transfer consistency and compensating for varied process conditions.

POP device assemblers also want to have visual confirmation that required flux deposition volumes have been achieved. The ability for the pick and place system to visually verify flux volume and distribution has long been desired but, until now, no materials supplier has been able to deliver. Driven by this challenge, the company's scientists engineered an inventive, patented blue color system that enables optical recognition of flux by pick-and-place systems. This special technology is built into the flux and allows visual verification of flux volume before placement of the top component of the POP package. This capability improves throughput and enables outstanding end-of-the-line yield.

Other benefits: it is no-clean, halide-free and is suitable for various deposition methods including doctor blading and dip transfer for POP builds. The material has a consistent tack force over time, outstanding drop test reliability and is ROLO classified, or non-hydroscopic and non-corrosive.

Contact: Henkel Corp., 15350 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618 949-789-2500 fax: 949-785-2595 E-mail: Web:

See at ATE Booth #115.

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