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Publication Date: 09/1/2009
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Galaxy Thin Wafer System from DEK
Thin wafer handling system.
Rolling Meadows, IL — Building on its Galaxy imaging platform, DEK has used the foundation of the technology's supreme accuracy and precision to develop a system specifically for processing thinned silicon wafers. The new Galaxy Thin Wafer System offers exceptional stability, enhanced process capability of Cp>2 at ±12.5µm and advanced speed and acceleration control to ensure robust processing of today's delicate wafer products.

Central to the process capability of the Galaxy Thin Wafer System is a specially engineered wafer pallet that delivers the support and stability required to properly secure wafers as thin as 75µm during transport and processing. Approximately 400mm square, the DEK wafer pallet is flat to less than 10µm and can accommodate wafers as large as 300mm. The careful selection and use of porous materials ensures that thinned wafers can be held securely while being successfully processed with any one of today's most sophisticated packaging techniques, including DirEKt Ball Placement, DirEKt Coat wafer backside coating, protective coating imaging, thermal interface materials deposition, wafer bumping and encapsulation. The new pallet technology also delivers versatility, as it is capable of supporting wafers of varying sizes and thicknesses.

With a robust rail system and precision transport technology, the Galaxy System provides the support and movement control required to accommodate transfer of the wafer-loaded pallet into and out of the mass imaging platform. The system's toothed, flat belts are driven by a servo motor and supply the large contact area critical for support and stability of the wafer pallet, offering excellent control of its speed, acceleration and positioning.

On board the system, the company's DirEKt Coat process for deposition of 25µm thick die attach adhesives and other coatings now provides a process capability of Cp>2 at ±12.5µm and a Total Thickness Variation (TTV) as low as 7µm on 150µm thin wafers as large as 200mm in diameter. Additional process extension afforded by the new system includes high first-pass yield ball placement of 200µm spheres at 3000µm pitch, precision thermal interface materials deposition and wafer bumping, among others.

Contact: DEK, 1785 Winnetka Cir., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 847-368-1155 fax: 224-345-7837 Web:

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