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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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The Economy: Is it Turning at Last?
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
With the September and October round of trade shows facing us, we fully expect the Fall Season to show us once and for all which way the economy is turning.

There are a number of small signs of things picking up. Wall Street has been making positive noises; major banking firms and brokerage houses are showing high profits for the latest quarter, and the market itself has been mostly up for the last two months. The Dow Jones has stayed well above 9.000 for at least 30 days, a really good sign of better things to come.

Housing is still in the crapper but is slowly nudging itself upward with some new starts here and there, and bankrupt projects being scooped up by willing entrepreneurs. It's not all gloom and doom any more, as these small signs indicate.

The electronics industry has managed to chug along; nothing spectacular has happened, but most companies are keeping their heads above water — just barely in many cases. To be sure there have been layoffs, including some rather massive shutdowns, but these have been the exception rather than the rule.

U.S. Tech is still very much in the thick of things, in spite of a serious drop in advertising; other publications have not fared so well and have disappeared or have laid off long-time key people. Our pages and our web site still offer the best bargains in the business, as proven by a number of key advertisers who have stayed with us through thick and thin.

When the dust clears and the world's economy ramps up again — and we believe it is beginning to do so right now — U.S. Tech will still be at the forefront, bringing you the best of available news, technology, and advertising. That means that this is the best possible time to launch a new media campaign, and U.S. Tech is certainly the place to start. You know where we live, so give us a call today.  

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