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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Rogers Intros Low-Noise EL Lamp Driver IC
Lamp driver IC.
Chandler, AZ — Rogers Corporation's Durel Division has added a new high-performance electroluminescent (EL) lamp driver integrated circuit (ICs), the D392A. The new driver delivers the programmable output voltages needed to power a wide range of EL lamps, including in portable applications such as cellular telephones, data organizers and PDAs, remote controls, monochrome LCDs, and DFLX EL keypad lamps.

Operating with supply currents ranging from 16 to 35mA and a minimum enable voltage of 1.3V, the high-efficiency EL lamp driver generates typical peak-to-peak output voltages of 170 to 230V, with maximum rating of 250V peak-to-peak. It uses patented wave-shaping technology with slew-rate control to produce clean, low-noise output voltage waveforms for noise-sensitive applications.

The new EL lamp driver, which supports a wide range of lamp frequencies, incorporates a special dimming feature which can be controlled through discrete components, an analog voltage or a PWM signal. The robust lamp driver IC provides a high ±15kV ESD (Human Body Model) rating and output over-voltage protection for high reliability in a wide range of applications. The lamp driver is compatible with external clocks and supplied in a "Green," RoHS-compliant (lead-free) 14-pin DFN package.

The easy-to-use D392A lamp driver IC can be implemented in most practical circuits with low-profile inductors and a few other passive components. In addition, designer's kits for the D392A, complete with evaluation board, are also available. The lamp driver IC is rated for operating temperatures from -40 to +85°C and storage temperatures from -55 to +150°C.

Contact: Rogers Corporation, P.O. Box 188, Rogers, CT 06263-0188 860-774-9605 fax: 860-779-5509 Web:

See at IPC Midwest Booth #217.

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