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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Multicore: Versatile New Lead-Free Solder Paste
Versatile lead-free solder paste.
Irvine, CA — Henkel has engineered Multicore® LF700, a new lead-free, halide-free solder paste that has been formulated to deliver a wider range of benefits and performance characteristics than older-generation and competitive products.

While conferring the necessary requirements for halide-free, no clean, lead-free processes, the new solder paste also delivers special attributes that further advance today's manufacturing. The material reduces voiding in BGA solder joints, delivers a high tack force to provide stability during high-speed component placement, and offers long printer abandon times of up to 4 hours even when printed onto extremely fine-pitch 0.4mm CSP apertures.

Process versatility is at the foundation of the new paste, as it offers excellent solderability over a wide range of reflow profiles in both air and nitrogen and is effective on several surface finishes including Ni/Au, Immersion Sn, Immersion Ag and OSP copper. According to the company, the new paste has been tested at abandon times of up to 4 hours, and has shown exceptional recovery rate performance — even in extreme humidity — when printed onto 0.4mm CSP apertures. After 8 hours of exposure to 80 percent relative humidity (RH), the paste exhibited excellent coalescence, further underscoring the material's performance versatility in addition to its climatic adaptability.

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See at ATE Booth #115.

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