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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Fancort Intros UNIX Laser Soldering
UNIX laser soldering system.
West Caldwell, NJ — Japan UNIX robotic laser soldering systems from Fancort have some distinct advantages over contact soldering — especially when it's difficult to get a soldering iron to the point of contact, or when throughput needs to be higher, or more intense heat is required.

The laser system uses a high-output laser diode as a heat source to perform non-contact spot soldering through optical fibers. The Fancort/UNIX laser system has power options of 30 or 50 watts, spot size down to 0.2mm, and custom lenses to create various shapes such as a triangle or a doughnut. Another special unique feature of laser soldering is minimal thermal effect on and around the spots that are being soldered. Fancort Industries is now a North American distributor of the Japan UNIX robotic laser soldering systems.

One of the special features of the system is the patented coaxial CCD camera which is built into the laser head to make programming easy. The irradiated laser shoots an image of the target point which is seen on the camera display as the operator programs the robot. The laser control can store up to 32 output conditions, and 63 soldering conditions overall in the complete program. Solder wire feed amount and rate are programmed on the teach pendant, as are all the robot work points.

The laser system is integrated into a Janome desktop robot, but can also be integrated with a SCARA robot. The desktop robot has a working area of 300 x 320 x 100mm and repeatable accuracy of ±0.01mm.

Contact: Fancort Industries, Inc., 31 Fairfield Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006 888-326-2678 or 973-575-0610 fax: 973-575-9234 Web:

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