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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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YXLON Y.Cheetah Exceeds Expectations
Y. Cheetah x-ray inspection system.
Garbsen, Germany — YXLON International's Y.Cheetah X-ray inspection system is reportedly scoring impressive sales figures. Introduced in March 2009, the system is part of the company's range of FeinFocus Solutions. According to the company, the new system offers effortless high-quality X-ray imaging using 1-click solutions for a wide range of continuously changing inspection tasks.

The x-ray inspection system combines proven and reliable FeinFocus X-ray technology with advanced high-speed flat panel detector technology. It uses innovative manipulation capabilities for improved efficiency in operation control and usability. Zoom+ Technology deploys synchronized tube and detector motion, giving users a truly constant image contrast at the highest resolution. In addition, PowerDrive enables the repositioning of imaging components at constant magnification for higher contrast and power, lower noise, or fast imaging and 3D scanning.

Both 1-click solutions allow even inexperienced operators to fulfill complex inspection tasks. The new system flexibly adapts to inspection tasks — failure analysis, research and development, process control and production testing. The system can be configured within seconds, from single to multiple part inspections, manual inspection to 1-click series inspection, 2D to high-speed microfocus computed tomography (µCT) and even to other dedicated solutions, such as the Y.T&R Module for Tape and Reel inspection. Various options are available to adapt the Y.Cheetah to future inspection tasks through upgrades and a growing range of dedicated inspection modules.

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