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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Manncorp: Inspection/Feeder Package with Autoplacer
Feeder and inspection conveyor with in-line dual-head pick-and-place system.
Willow Grove, PA — A feeder and inspection conveyor package is part of a bonus package that has been offered with Manncorp's MC-391 in-line dual-head pick-and-place system. For a very limited time, the feeder and inspection conveyor package valued at is being included at no additional charge with the company's pick-and-place system.

According to the company, the bonus offer is an example of how the company successfully addresses the needs of its key market of mid-range assemblers. The specially priced 5,500 cph placer for a limited time comes with an array of no-cost options that would ordinarily boost its price considerably.

The bonus package includes a SMEMA-approved inspection conveyor with built-in board counter and skip function, used for post-placement inspection. In addition, buyers receive 31 feeders, consisting of a bank of 20 8mm feeders, plus a universal tube feeder with 10 slots, and a waffle tray.

The MC-391 is suitable for critical applications that require speed and accuracy — providing the flexibility of a vision system that consists of both a head-mounted camera with Cognex® processing for non-contact on-the-fly alignment of SMDs, plus a bottom vision camera for larger components up to 38 x 38mm, as well as odd forms, ICs and large BGAs. The system also has ultra fine pitch capability for QFPs and µBGAs.

Contact: Manncorp, 2845 Terwood Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090 800-745-6266 or 215-830-1200 fax: 215-830-1206 E-mail: Web:

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