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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Cookson Launches New Pb-Free Solder Paste
No-clean lead-free solder paste.
South Plainfield, NJ — Cookson Electronics has launched its ALPHA® CVP-360 Pb-free, no-clean solder paste formulated with its economical low-Ag SACX® 0807 and 0307 alloys. New CVP-360 will deliver high productivity and lowest cost of ownership with excellent in-circuit test yields.

According to the company, the new solder paste was developed to offer the highest value to assemblers of consumer electronics products. By enabling the use of lower silver SACX alloys, CVP-360 can virtually eliminate the price volatility of silver, without eliminating the soldering benefits of silver from the alloy. The new paste is described as offering offers value with extremely high in-circuit pin test yields, and superior spread and wetting versus leading SAC 305 and SAC 405 solder pastes. It delivers excellent printing characteristics allowing for the use of more economical Type-3 solder powder, even when 12mil (300µ) features are being printed using a 5mil-thick (125µ) stencil. CVP-360 also adds value by allowing high-speed printing, and reduced stencil cleaning frequency. This reduces the print cycle time, and lowers the cost of consumables, such as stencil cleaner and under-wipe paper.

CVP-360 also has a wide reflow process window, which indicates resistance to head-in-pillow defects. This can also make a difference if older, or lower cost substrates and components are used.

Contact: Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, 109 Corporate Blvd., South Plainfield, NJ 07080 908-753-1626 Web:

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