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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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CeBIT Global Conference Tracks Alongside Exhibits
Hannover, Germany — The second round of the CeBIT Global Conferences in 2009 featured more than 34 leading international speakers, attracting an audience of 3,133 visitors from 88 nations. Preparations for 2010 are now already in full swing, ensuring another "Who's Who" of the industry at the event. Next year will feature a number of exciting innovations.

The 2009 Conference had 34 high-caliber speakers from across the globe, addressing the topic: "How will we be working, living and communicating in the next few years?" These included 16 keynotes and four panel discussions attracting a total of 3,133 attendees from 88 different nations over the course of the four-day event.

The next round of CeBIT Global Conferences will take place March 2- 5, 2010 at the Hannover Convention Center (CC). The Conferences will run at the same time as CeBIT at the Hannover Exhibition Center, Convention Center (CC), Room 2.

The mission of THE CeBIT Global Conferences is to serve as a discussion platform for innovations and development prognoses involving the IT industry, telecommunications and the new media. The target group for the CeBIT Global Conferences consists of decision-makers from the ICT industry as well as industrial users and all interested parties who like to think outside the box. There will be an excellent opportunity to be part of one or several exclusive roundtable discussions featuring high-caliber speakers. The number of places is limited to 15. The goal of the roundtables is to personally clarify any questions that remain open following the respective presentation. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask your questions in person.

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