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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Prem Introduces Newest Interchangeable Power Transformers
Interchangeable worldwide power transformer.
Johnsburg, IL — A new series of International printed circuit power transformers has been introduced by Prem Magnetics, Inc. Designated the SPW-3620 series, this new line of transformers has the same pin-out pattern and phasing as the company's (and its competitors') SPW-620-D series. This newest series is designed to meet the IEC 60950 / EN60950 standards and utilizes a Class F (155) insulation system. These newest supplies are suitable for both domestic and world market applications.

All units within this series have dual winding primaries and secondaries allowing for an input voltage of 115/230V 50/60Hz and output voltages ranging from 5.0VAC to 120VAC at 36.0VA. The UL 94V0 split-section bobbin and shroud assembly is designed to meet the strict creepage and clearance distance minimums found in Europe and other world markets while providing a 4,500V rms HIPOT rating from primaries to secondaries.

As with all of the company's standard product power transformers, this new series incorporates independently isolated windings, lead breakout isolation tapes, and the company's epoxy resin impregnation system. Package dimensions for the SPW-3620 series are 2.650 x 2.188 x 1.920-in. (67.31 x 55.57 x 48.77mm). All Prem standard transformers are 100 percent final tested for induced voltage (shorted turns), exciting current, open circuit voltage (turns ratio), polarity (phasing), and dielectric strength.

Contact: Prem Magnetics, 3521 N. Chapel Hill Rd., Johnsburg, IL 60051 815-385-2700 fax: 815-385-8578 Web:

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