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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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TDK Develops Soft Termination Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
Line of multilayer ceramic capacitors.
Mount Prospect, IL — TDK Corporation has developed soft termination MLCC capacitors that offer greatly improved thermal and mechanical robustness. Standard MLCC applications have been susceptible to cracking due to thermal shock and temperature cycling. Mechanical shock and board flexure have also been a cause of cracking in the use of standard MLCCs. These cracks can lead to low insulation resistance and electrical shorting failures.

To address these reliability issues with the C1005 (CC0402) through C3225 (CC1210) case sizes, the company has developed a four-layer termination structure that exhibits increased durability to thermal and mechanical stresses when compared to traditional MLCC products. This newly developed product adds a conductive resin layer between the copper base material and the nickel plating layer.

While the 100 percent matte Sn termination finish is compatible with Pb solder systems, the advantages of soft termination MLCCs are most significant when used with Pb-free solder. Temperature cycling performance of the soft-termination construction is three times that of the standard product.

Mechanically, as well, the soft termination construction exhibits improved performance with Pb-free solder applications. This new MLCC series withstands much greater board bend stress with no change in capacitance and an open-mode failure condition when compared to traditional MLCCs. Resistance to mechanical shock — such as in a drop test — has been increased significantly.

The new soft termination MLCC capacitors are targeted for use in applications that require high reliability, improved resistance to thermal stresses, and increased mechanical robustness. These include automotive engine/transmission control units, switching power supplies, telecom base stations, and electronic circuits utilizing ceramic substrates. This is especially applicable to remote installations or limited access where field replacement can be very costly.

Main applications include automotive use, switching power supplies, telecom base stations, power circuits on insulated metal substrates (IMS).

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