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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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EFD Wins Solar Cell Award, Best Technical Product
Torsten Brieger (center) of EFD, Inc. accepts the 2009 Vision Award for best new product in the competitive Solder Materials category from Gail Flower (left) and Karen Watkins (right) of SMT magazine.
East Providence, RI — EFD, Inc., a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN) has been awarded the 2009 International Solar Cell Award for the Best Technical Product for Photovoltaic Module Assembly. The award was presented at the 2009 InterSolar Exhibition in Munich, Germany, with over two thousand registered industry participants and nine expert industry judges voting.

EFD's PV Cell Ribbon and Bus Bar Attachment Methodology is a point-to-point soldering process that uses a lead-free solder paste and flux mixture to attach string ribbon material to silver bus bars during module assembly. In addition to eliminating the need for pre-coating of ribbon material with liquid flux, the additional metal content augments the solder joint. The method is compatible with both manual and automated assembly operations.

The process has shown a reduction in the amount of microcrack formation and aids in the verification of solder joint formation during module assembly, increasing the life of the solar module. In addition, the company's proprietary solar alloy increases solder joint toughness, consistency and durability.

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