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Publication Date: 08/1/2009
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Change and Progress Are Constants

Every so often, I reminisce a little about my college days, sparked this time by actually connecting with one of my college roommates. As a writer, I remember only too well my portable manual typewriter — a Royal that cost $105 in 1951 and was my lifeline to the outside world. I was and still am
a speed typist, and typescript was always the preferred format if I expected to get an "A" on a paper or assignment. It was also much more professional-looking, and I was after... Read More
The Economy: Is it Turning at Last?

With the September and October round of trade shows facing us, we fully expect the Fall Season to show us once and for all which way the economy is turning.
There are a number of small signs of things picking up. Wall Street has been making positive noises; major banking firms and brokerage houses are showing high profits for the latest quarter, and the market itself has been mostly up for the last two months. The Dow Jones has stayed well above 9.000 for at least 30 days, a really good sign of better things to come.
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