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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Fed Tax Incentives for 2009 Automated Systems Purchases
Space-saving vertical lift carousel modules.
Westbrook, ME — The federal government has made tax incentives accessible for the remainder of 2009 to assist companies with the implementation of simple automation into new or existing facilities during these difficult economic times. These tax incentives will have a positive impact on electronic organizations purchasing automated carousels and VLMs allowing for increased write-off ability while providing increased efficiencies and a high internal rate of return.

The tax incentives are suitable for the integration of automated storage and retrieval systems, such as vertical and horizontal carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) to meet the storage and retrieval requirements for most facilities. This automation can save up to 85 percent of the floor space, improve accuracy to 99 percent, reduce manpower requirements up to 2/3 and produce a faster Return on Investment (ROI). The new provisions of the 2009 tax year provide the potential, for companies, the one-year 50 percent bonus depreciation provides the ability to write off in 2009 an extra 50 percent of the cost of new equipment that is purchased and used in 2009.

Remstar International Inc., a company of the Kardex AG Remstar International (KRI) Group of Zurich, Switzerland, is a major provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for

manufacturing, distribution and warehousing applications. The Remstar storage and retrieval systems can allow for tax incentives right now.

Contact: Remstar International, Inc., 41 Eisenhower Dr., Westbrook, ME 04092 800-639-5805 or 207-854-1861 fax: 207-854-1610 Web:

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