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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Two Technologies Intro Ultra-Rugged Handheld Computer
Handheld, versatile field computer.
Horsham, PA — Two Technologies, Inc. is introducing the Hydrus® Luna, an ultra-rugged and powerful hand held computer designed for long-term daily operation in the harshest working conditions. With the world's highest battery capacity of 37 watt-hours, instrument functions for over 40 hours, working overtime on various field applications.

Poorly lit offices, dark warehouses and overcast skies can make it difficult to capture a perfectly detailed image. The new handheld computer has an integrated Xenon Flash System that brings subjects to life in demanding photographic applications.

IP67/IP68 rated for protection against dust and water, the Hydrus Luna is suitable for outdoor use in extreme environments on both land and sea. Double wall case construction of GE Xenoy® provides impervious sealing against environmental conditions, with drop and shock protection covering internal components. The unit also offers a 320 x 240 Landscape QVGA display with integral touch screen as well as "Super-Sunlight" readability, both outdoors and in. A 5megapixel (4MP processed) True-Camera-System captures color images and bar codes with real auto focus, LEDs and a True-Flash-System. Users can capture then relay images and data from virtually any remote field location and transmit them back to a main office or centralized location.

A 55-key alpha-numeric keypad with application-specific graphics plus an eight-position joystick allow for individual or combined operations. Customized keypads allow for intuitive, user-friendly operations and fingertip control. Individual hard keys are uniquely suited for operation with gloved hands. Integrated speaker and microphone enable use of the device for voice communications. Audio Bridge Circuitry simplifies routing of audio signals to and from the speaker and microphones to a variety of specified locations. The computer offers wireless communications and networking capabilities via Bluetooth®, WLAN and 802.11b/g. RS-232 and USB ports are available for adding peripherals and accessories that extend the product's utility. Integrated precision GPS is optional. The Hydrus Luna is PACK Ready, allowing expansion space for the addition of custom electronics, such as RFID, HID® RF/IR, proprietary radios and other data collection modules.

A powerful computer with 256MB SDRAM and up to 32GB of data storage, the Hydrus Luna uses Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 5.0 operating system and a Marvell® PXA270 processor operating at 624MHz. Units have a dual smart battery system, with both batteries having a charge circuit and "gas gauge" to monitor battery condition during charging and discharging.

Contact: Two Technologies, Inc., 419 Sargon Way, Horsham, PA 19044. 215-441-5305; fax: 215-441-0423. Web:

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