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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Heat Sink Attach System from ATS
Heat sink attachment system.
Norwood, MA — Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. has introduced superGRIP, an assembly that includes a heat sink, phase-change interface material, and an unusual attachment system for mounting quickly and securely onto a wide range of hot-running BGA components, while using minimal space on a PCB and requiring no holes to be drilled into the board.

The two-part superGRIP attachment system uses a plastic frame clip that fastens securely around the perimeter of a component, and a metal spring clip that slips through a heat sink's fin field and locks securely to both ends of the plastic frame. The resulting superGRIP assembly applies steady, firm pressure to the component throughout the product lifecycle, improving thermal performance and long-term reliability.

The assemblies use the company's maxiFLOW heat sinks, which have a low profile, spread fin architecture to maximize surface area for more effective convection (air) cooling. Testing at an air flow rate of just 0.5m/s (100-ft./m) shows that device junction temperatures (Tj) can be reduced by more than 20 percent below the temperatures achieved using heat sinks with traditional fin styles.

The pressure strength and security of the heat sink attachment system permits the use of high performance phase-changing thermal interface materials (PCMs) that improve heat transfer by as much as 20 times over typical double-sided adhesive thermal tapes. The design allows the heat sink to be detached and reattached without damaging the component or the PCB, an important feature for applications where PCB rework and ease of assembly and disassembly are important.

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