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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Aerotech: Precision Gantry System
Precision gantry system.
Pittsburgh, PA — AGS15000 series Cartesian gantries from Aerotech are designed for ultra-precision, high-dynamic contouring. The planar design minimizes dynamic pitch errors at the workpoint. These gantry systems provide excellent performance and versatility in a wide range of automation platforms including precision micromachining, stencil cutting, fuel cell manufacturing, printed electronics, flat sheet processing, high-speed pick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, dispensing stations, and high-accuracy inspection.

The company's BLM and BLMH series brushless linear servomotors drive the gantry to speeds of 3m/s and accelerations of 5g. Dual linear motors and encoders are included on the lower axis for ultimate performance and precision. The rugged noncontact optical linear encoders offer resolutions to one nanometer when coupled with the company's encoder multiplier. The gantry is optimized to account for thermal expansion, and its design ensures high accuracy under varying operating conditions.

The linear motor is a noncontact device with no backlash, wear, or maintenance issues, such as those found in ball-screw-driven systems. The bearings are preloaded linear motion guides with wiper seals and grease fittings, and are mounted to provide optimized dynamic stiffness and load distribution. The design keeps the linear motors and linear encoders to the outside of the work area making the gantry less susceptible to debris-induced damage.

Contact: Aerotech, Inc., 101 Zeta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238 412-963-7470 fax: 412-963-7459 Web:

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