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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Nordson Intros 4 Adhesive Melters
Adhesive melting system.
Duluth, GA — Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has introduced PURBlue 4 adhesive melters, the latest generation of its moisture-curing reactive (PUR) adhesive application systems. The PURBlue 4 melter simplifies the use of moisture-cure reactive hot melt adhesives from two-, three- or four-kilogram foil-encased slugs, without the need for inert gas.

Designed for use in low-consumption PUR applications, potential opportunities include clear box packaging, bookbinding, edge banding and product assembly.

The melters heat only a small amount of adhesive as needed to reduce thermal stress and protect the bonding characteristics of the unused portion. The user-friendly, intuitive design offers simple, reliable operation, allowing empty foil bags to be quickly and easily changed while graphical controls simplify programming and operation.In addition, the system allows for easy access and quick disassembly to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

The new adhesive melters include: a pneumatic piston, to provide optimal contact between the adhesive and melting grid to maximize adhesive use from each bag and minimize adhesive residue. Graphical indicators and easy-to-use controls, to simplify programming and system monitoring. Sensors, indicators and warnings for piston status, slug status and reservoir level. A variety of precision, variable-speed gear pump options, have key-to-line availability. The melter provides a choice of manual or automatic pressure controls, while the single-tool, quick-release access panels and a swiveling tank lid for maintenance and slug changes.

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