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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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DMRPCB.COM: Additive PCB Green Process
Freeport, Grand Bahamas — DMRPCB.COM has released a new additive printed electronics technology "Silver bullet" which can replace almost any printed circuit manufactured today with only additive silver and Nano low temperature fusing copper inks layered and contained in a trench in a photo imageable dielectric material.

The totally green manufacturing process applies fine lines down to 50µ into a trench or groove in the photo-imageable Nano ceramic dielectric material applied to typical FR4 PCB laminates. Vias as fine as 50µ are structured in openings between the dielectric layers.

The major advantage of this technology: the process uses 1/10 the amount of equipment typical in a PC board shop. Being totally additive, the silver or copper printed circuit does not use dangerous chemicals for plating or etching. The green additive silver/copper ink printing system saves vast amounts of both water and electricity, and has a zero carbon footprint.

The silver bullet process can manufacture advanced 2-layer to 20-layer multilayers of flex or HDI high technology circuits in a small footprint facility with low technology equipment. The silver bullet additive circuit technology is suitable for an electronics business to manufacture its own PC boards in-house. The low-cost small-area circuit facility can reportedly manufacture a very reliable low-cost high-tech circuit in shorter time at a lower cost than buying PC boards and waiting for delivery.

The silver bullet additive technology also can be added to any existing PCB shop wanting to upgrade to additive green technologies.

Contact: DMRPCB.COM, 2 Port of Call Drive, Freeport, Grand Bahamas 408-857-3882 E-mail:

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