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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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3M Intros LC and LC/APC No Polish Connectors

Austin, TX — Further expanding its No Polish Connector line, 3M has introduced the new No Polish LC Connector for both multimode and singlemode fiber applications and the No Polish Connector LC/APC for singlemode fiber applications. Read More
Aerotech: Precision Gantry System

Pittsburgh, PA — AGS15000 series Cartesian gantries from Aerotech are designed for ultra-precision, high-dynamic contouring. The planar design minimizes dynamic pitch errors at the workpoint. These gantry systems provide excellent performance and versatility in a wide range of automation platforms ...Read More
APEM Switch Guards Seal Pushbuttons

Haverhill, MA — APEM Components, Inc. is introducing the HP series of recessed pushbutton switch guards. The switch guard mounts flush into the panel providing a distinct target for the pushbutton switch and protection against accidental actuation.Read More
Heat Sink Attach System from ATS

Norwood, MA — Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. has introduced superGRIP, an assembly that includes a heat sink, phase-change interface material, and an unusual attachment system for mounting quickly and securely onto a wide range of hot-running BGA components, while using minimal space on a PCB ...Read More
Bel: New LAN Magnetics Modules

Jersey City, NJ — Bel Fuse Inc. has introduced its S558-10GB-XX Series of 10GBASE-T LAN magnetics modules offered to address the transmission standards of 10GbE data over copper LANs. The SMT series is capable of handling the high bandwidth needed to support the continuing convergence of voice/video ...Read More
Binder Intros PCB Mountable Connectors

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA's newest addition to its M12 socket connector line is a shielded receptacle with PCB solder contacts. The integral shielding sheet can be fastened to the circuit board before the soldering process.Read More
Programmable TCXO from Cardinal

Wayne, NJ — Cardinal Components, Inc. is introducing what it claims is the world's first programmable TCXO from 1.5 to 200MHz, and deliverable in 48 hours.Read More
Diodes Inc.: Dual-Device MOSFET Packages

Westlake Village, CA — Diodes Incorporated is introducing three new dual-device MOSFET/Diode combinations in thermally efficient, ultra-small DFN packaging. Enhanced by the use of the company's own high-performance diode, the SBR® rectifier, the new packages save space and increase the performance ...Read More
EAO Intros New Flush Mount Options

Milford, CT — EAO Switch Corporation has launched an innovative new square flush mount option for its Series 04 high quality switches. The new square flush mount button meets the requirements of a wide range of applications including machinery, vehicle driver controls, and electrical controls.Read More
Emerson: Telecomm Switching Supply

Carlsbad, CA — Emerson Network Power has introduced its NLP250-DC high-density, open-frame switching power supply for telecommunications and distributed power markets. Designed to operate directly from a -48VDC telecom central office power bus, the power supply supports a wide input voltage range ...Read More
E-Switch Intros SMT Snap Action Switch

Minneapolis, MN — E-Switch has introduced the newest snap action switch in its product portfolio, the TS2 series, subminiature switch with surface mount termination. Its small package size is designed for higher reliability applications and because of its unique SMT design, will be popular on many ...Read More
Outdoor LCD Connectors from Fujipoly

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly has developed a specially formulated low temperature Zebra Carbon connector for such applications. The highly reliable LT 200 interconnect device is engineered for broad-ranging outdoor LCD applications with operating temperatures from -85°F (-65°C) to +260°F (+125°C) ... Read More
Heat-Resistant Mini SMD Crystals from NDK

Belvidere, IL — NDK (Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd.) has introduced the NX3225GB series of quartz crystals that are designed to have a high resistance to solder cracking even when applied with lead-free solder. They are able to withstand 2500 cycles of going from -30 to +120°C without cracking ...Read More
Sealed Pushbutton Switch from Phaseda

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC has introduced its GQ12 sealed pushbutton switch. This round pushbutton has internal design to resist dust and water, up to IP65. According to the company, it has a long operating life, up to 200,000 loading cycles. The solid body construction of Zn alloy material makes ...Read More
Renishaw Encoder Drives Arcus Microstep Motor

Hoffman Estates, IL — Arcus Technology has developed the world's first all-in-one NEMA 11 microstep motor with driver, controller and encoder integrated into the motor's back cap, minimizing external electronics and wiring. The new DMX-K-SA-11 stepper motor uses Renishaw's magnetic AM256 magnetic ...Read More
Rogers Intros Airborne Antenna Materials

Rogers, CT — The Advanced Circuit Materials (ACM) Division of Rogers Corporation has introduced its latest patent-pending innovation in high frequency materials — RT/duroid® 5880LZ laminate. Read More
Samtec Intros Space-Saving Interconnects

New Albany, IN — Samtec's high speed Razor Beam interconnect systems are designed to maximize PCB real estate with their slim, ultra-fine pitch, low profile designs. These space-saving systems are currently available in super-fine 0.4mm pitch (ST4/SS4 Series) and self-mating 0.635mm pitch (LSS ...Read More
Robust & Rugged 5kW Converter from Schaefer

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. has introduced the C5100 Series of 5000 Watt, 3U and 5U plug-in DC/DC and AC/DC converter modules. The C5100 Series is available in 3 standard DC input voltage ranges from: 320 to 800VDC, as well as AC input voltages of 3 x 400VAC (320-460) and 3 x 480VAC (400-530). Single ...Read More
Hi-Temp Mission-Critical Connectors from Sullins

San Marcos, CA — Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc. has released the full RDPS Series (Ruggedized Double Point Series) of card edge connectors optimized for superior durability in high-temperature, harsh environment applications. The RDPS Series is engineered to accept 0.062-in. (1.58mm) thick daughtercards ...Read More
Tamar Provides Non-Destructive TSV Depth Measurement

Newbury Park, CA — Tamar Technology's new Wafer Thickness Sensor (WTS) provides a non-destructive solution for measuring deep etch and Through Silicon Via (TSV) depth with unlimited aspect ratios.Read More
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