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Publication Date: 07/1/2009
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Creform Intros Communications Center Kiosk

Greer, SC — A new, high-capacity information kiosk for the production floor has been introduced by Creform — in recognition of the fact that there are times when nothing can beat the immediacy and impact of a notice posted in plain view for all to see. Read More
Desco Intros V-Neck ESD Overshirt

Chino, CA — Desco is introducing a new Statshield® V-Neck ESD Overshirt. It is designed to shield electrostatic charges on operator's clothing from ESD-susceptible items. The short-sleeve V-neck design offers operator comfort, light-weight, and low cost. Read More
DMRPCB.COM: Additive PCB Green Process

Freeport, Grand Bahamas — DMRPCB.COM has released a new additive printed electronics technology "Silver bullet" which can replace almost any printed circuit manufactured today with only additive silver and Nano low temperature fusing copper inks layered and contained in a trench in a photo imageable dielectric ...Read More
DRS: Rugged Mobile Industrial Computer

Melbourne, FL — The ARMOR X10 Rugged Tablet PC from DRS Tactical Systems, Inc., incorporates an aluminum chassis and ShutOut sealing technology that meets IP 66 level protection from dust and water. Available in both touch screen and passive pen versions, the 10.4-in. monitor provides enhanced ...Read More
ECD Intros 2 New Oven Verification Boards

Milwaukie, OR — ECD has introduced the MEGARIDER V10 PTP® Oven Verification board, which has the unusual capability of measuring uniformity across the width of the oven. Durable construction and engineered materials make this board a valuable standard for years of verification work through one ...
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Electronic Loads Application Note from B+K

Yorba Linda, CA — B+K Precision's newly-released application note "DC Electronic Load Applications and Examples" provides a general introduction to a DC load's usage. Some standard performance tests for power supplies are described in detail. Additional information on other practical DC load applications and ...Read More
Epoxies, Etc.: Low Viscosity Epoxy Potting Compound

Cranston, RI — Epoxies, Etc. has developed a new low viscosity epoxy potting and encapsulating compound. The 20-3060 Epoxy was designed for electronic potting applications that require a low viscosity material to flow quickly in and around electronic components.Read More
Esec Intros Soft Solder Die Bonder

Duiven, Netherlands — Esec, a new member of BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi), has introduced its Soft Solder Die Bonder 2009 SSI. Key innovations of the new product are a 50 percent gain in processing speed, which is achieved through a novel point-to-line pick-and-place method, as well as a highly accurate ...Read More
Extech Intros 2-Channel Digital 'Scope

Waltham, MA — Extech Instruments has introduced the new Model MS420 Dual-channel digital oscilloscope. Especially suitable for the electronics industry, the Model MS420 makes viewing multiple waveforms easy and has an auto-set function that optimizes the position, range, timebase and triggering to ...Read More
FlexLink Intros Spiral Elevator

Allentown, PA — FlexLink has launched its spiral elevator, which allows transport of goods, up or down in manufacturing and packaging lines, or for distribution between the line and the warehousing area. The spiral elevator offers efficient elevation without stop losses, a compact footprint and trouble-free ...Read More
Fluid Research: Drum Dispenser Cleaning Made Easy

Tustin, CA — Fluid Research® Corporation now offers an automatic cleaning system for container emptying devices. The new FRClean system cleans drum/pail systems completely, eliminating disassembly, reassembly, and long wait times for cleaning. Read More
Goepel Intros New JTAG Tester

Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has introduced JULIET — JTAG UnLimItEd Tester — a family of completely integrated standalone production testers. The modular systems combine all test electronics, as well as the basic mechanics in a compact desktop system. They are equipped with a specific ...Read More
Henkel Launches Next-Gen Underfill

Irvine, CA — Henkel has engineered and launched a new underfill system that reportedly fulfills a large array of complex and demanding requirements, including room temperature fast flow, low temperature cure and reworkability. Read More
Heyco Snap-In Bushings for Panel Entry Points

Toms River, NJ — Heyco Products, Inc. has introduced its new Snap-In Ratcheting Strain Relief Bushings for standard, round, and Double "D" holes.Read More
Huntsman Intros 5 New Resin Systems

The Woodlands, TX — Huntsman Advanced Materials has unveiled a series of new resins — a nano-toughened, high-temperature epoxy adhesive and several halogen-free, flame-retardant, benzoxazine resins with excellent thermal and mechanical characteristics. In addition, two resin systems have been developed for ...Read More
Kwikmark: Chip-Less Marking Machine

McHenry, IL — The Kwik Mark system is a chip-less engraver optimized for machine shop applications and is suitable for marking steel, aluminum, brass/bronze, plastics, tool steel (up to 60 Rc), and nametags.Read More
Manncorp: Powder Separates Dross, Recycles Solder

Willow Grove, PA — A relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use powder that separates dross from molten solder is now available from Manncorp. Applicable for wave soldering and other processes involving considerable volumes of solder, "Dross-B-Gone" is said to recover in several minutes almost 90 percent ...
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Master Intros Tabletop Butane Heat Tool

Racine, WI — Master Appliance Corp. has introduced its new, butane-powered, Model MT-30 Table-Top Microtorch for industrial, institutional, scientific and dental laboratory applications, including shrinking tubing and specialty connectors, heating and spot drying materials, heating wax and jewelry ...Read More
Multi-Seals: Dissolvable Spacers

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals Inc. is introducing Wash-Away dissolvable spacers, designed to provide consistent spacing between printed circuit boards and PC board components. These organic polymer spacers locate PC board components during soldering operations. After soldering, Wash-Aways dissolve ...Read More
Nordson Intros 4 Adhesive Melters

Duluth, GA — Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) has introduced PURBlue 4 adhesive melters, the latest generation of its moisture-curing reactive (PUR) adhesive application systems. The PURBlue 4 melter simplifies the use of moisture-cure reactive hot melt adhesives from two-, three- or four-kilogram ...Read More
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