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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Orion Offers Special Functions for DC Fans
Brushless DC fan.
Dallas,TX — Orion Fans is offering a variety of special functions for its DC fans, including tachometer output, locked rotor alarm, pulse width modulation (PWM) input, and thermal and constant speed controls. These special functions provide end users with intelligent control options and feedback to optimize fan performance and maximize energy conservation.

Tachometer outputs and locked rotor alarms are available on most of the company's DC fans. Tachometer output provides design engineers with an accurate means of monitoring and reporting a fan's rotational speed, as well as triggering of an alarm or indicator if the fan's speed falls below a certain RPM, both of which help to maintain consistent optimal fan performance. The tachometer output option is available as either a standard 5V TTL signal, or as an "open collector" signal. Locked rotor alarms detect whether a fan is running or has stopped by generating and transmitting a high or low output signal, minimizing fan downtime.

A number of Orion's DC fans are also available with PWM input, thermal speed control, and constant speed functions. PWM input varies the width of the electrical pulse in order to control the average voltage delivered to the fan, allowing for a higher efficiency than linear control provides. The PWM option also allows users to digitally control the speed of the fan by varying the electric pulse running to it.

Thermal speed control employs a thermistor-controlled circuit that increases fan speed only when the temperature rises above a determined set-point, thus reducing overall energy consumption by lowering fan speed when temperatures within the enclosure are below the set-point. Thermistor control circuits can be mounted directly in the fan hub or remotely mounted via an orange lead wire, and can be positioned anywhere within the enclosure, giving design engineers the flexibility to regulate fan speed based on ambient temperature in a specific area.

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