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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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LeCroy Launches New Oscilloscope Series
New generation oscilloscope.
Chestnut Ridge, NY — LeCroy Corporation has launched its line of WaveRunner digital oscilloscopes, M-Type Oscilloscopes, and Vehicle Bus Analyzers — the WaveRunner Xi-A Series. Leveraging the innovations and industrial design developed for the recently launched WavePro 7 Zi and WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscopes, the WaveRunner Xi-A series of oscilloscopes deliver speed, performance, and analysis capabilities beyond anything in the 400 MHz to 2 GHz bandwidth range. The WaveRunner Xi-A incorporates new X-Stream II hardware architecture to increase acquisition and display speed, TriggerScan rare event capture technology to improve debug and analysis, a new Spectrum Analyzer option to effectively debug in the frequency domain, and new connectivity and control options with LXI (LAN eXtension for Instrumentation) for automated test systems. The striking black and silver industrial design incorporates a large, bright display and a space-efficient footprint, and is available on all models which range from 400MHz to 2GHz.

The new instrument's PC system has a new motherboard, augmented with an Intel® Core2 Duo processor, faster RAM, and a faster hard drive. This results in a 40-70 percent speed improvement over competitive units in deep memory analysis, and serial data decoding. The software improvements also incorporate key elements of X-Stream II architecture, providing preview and abort capabilities that permit the user instant control of the oscilloscope without any hold-off or delay. X-Stream II streaming architecture designed for long memory operation and responsiveness, enables high throughput of data. This architecture uses variable waveform segment lengths to improve CPU cache memory efficiency resulting in faster processing compared to other oscilloscopes. This eliminates the trade-offs between long memory length and quick processing.

A full set of analysis tools includes low-speed serial data trigger and decode. In addition, all WaveRunner Xi-A models are compatible with the company's optional low-speed serial triggering and decode packages to help engineers quickly analyze I2C, SPI, UART, RS-232, CAN, LIN and FlexRay protocols through the use of easy to read transparent overlays, search/zoom capabilities, and tabular displays.

Contact: LeCroy Corp., 700 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499 800-553-2769 or 845-425-2000 fax: 845-578-5985 E-mail Sales: Web:

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