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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Beckhoff Expands Bus Terminal System
Pressure measuring terminal.
Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has expanded its Bus Terminal system with the new KM37xx pressure measuring terminals. According to the company, these terminals are designed to record differential and absolute pressures and are a flexible, cost- effective alternative to standalone pressure measuring instruments.

In a similar way to electrical signal acquisition, pressure measurement is carried out using a "standard" Beckhoff Bus Terminal with a width of only 24mm. The compact housing and simple connection system support space-saving and speedy installations.

The pressure measuring terminals change the measured pressure into an electrical signal. This 16-bit value is available to the higher level controller and can be transmitted by over a dozen fieldbuses. The pressure-measuring terminals have quick release mechanisms for connecting the measuring hoses. Standard commercial plastic hoses can be used for this purpose. In addition to measuring, the Bus Terminals also execute other functions such as temperature compensation and avoidance of long-term drift.

Three different pressure measuring terminals are available: KM3701 — the 1-channel differential pressure measuring terminal measures pressure differences up to an ambient pressure of 7,000 hPa (7 bar) between points; KM3702 — 2-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal records pressure values between 0 and 7,000 hPa (7 bar) at each hose connector; KM3712 — 2-channel absolute pressure measuring terminal records negative pressure values between -1,000 hPa (-1 bar) and 0 hPa at each hose connector. The pressure measuring terminals can be used in any situation that requires the measurement and monitoring of differential and dynamic pressures in nonaggressive gases, including pressure tanks, pressurized cabins, pneumatic and suction systems.

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