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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Nordson: Enhanced Hot Melt Extruders
Hot melt extruder.
Duluth, GA — Nordson Corp. has enhanced its line of EX hot melt adhesive extruder systems. An engineered solution designed for applications requiring the highest degree of precision and performance, EX extruder systems are suitable for difficult applications where standard melters are too limited in their function and performance. In addition, the extruders allow fast, easy adhesive changes without intensive cleaning procedures. Highly customizable and offering a host of technical options, EX extruder systems are designed to meet virtually any technical requirement, while integrating smoothly into production lines.

EX extruders are closed "melt on demand" systems that allow manufacturers to avoid carbonization and exposure of molten adhesive to ambient air. Self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free, the extruders offer a melt rate of 3-2500 kg/hr (7-5512 lb/hr) depending on the extruder size. The systems' Siemens® S7 control unit provides touch panel operation for easy set-up, monitoring and control.

According to the company, these highly versatile systems can also be customized with a number of options, including additional heating zones, fieldbus interfaces and key-to-line capability for automatic interaction with a parent machine. The optional Ultra FoamMix unit can be flanged as an integrated unit directly at the extruder output.

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