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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Metris Intros Full 3D Laser Scanner
3D laser scanning head.
Brighton, MI — Metris has launched the multi-laser XC65D scanner that captures all 3D details of features, edges, pockets, ribs and freeform surfaces in a single scan. The Cross Scanner's entirely digital operation boosts scanning frequency and drives intelligent laser intensity adaptation to scan any surface without user interaction. The system's superior performance further accelerates the Digital Inspection Process, providing better insight, more flexibility and much higher productivity.

Incorporating three lasers in a cross pattern, the unit obtains a full 3D view that accurately captures the bore of a hole or the flanges of a notch. In this way geometric features can be extracted from the acquired point cloud with higher confidence and accuracy. The new instrument avoids taking multiple scans of the same feature using different scanner paths and orientations, thus eliminating time-consuming probe head indexing, and drastically reducing overall inspection time. With laser stripes projected from three sides, the XC65D provides maximum coverage of complex surfaces with many ribs and pockets.

Dynamic point-per-point adaption of laser source intensity enables the XC65D to deal with nearly all sample materials and surface finishes without operator interaction. This includes shiny surfaces and abrupt surface type transitions, under any lighting conditions. To effectively scan surfaces with varying color or high

reflectivity, Metris introduces the third-generation enhanced sensor performance (ESP3). ESP3 is a key differentiator when scanning similar parts in different manufacturing stages; initially dealing with bare sheet metal parts and finally scanning finished products painted in any color.

The Cross Scanner introduces wider laser stripes and high-speed CMOS camera technology, which triples scanning frequency compared to its predecessor. This allows the scanner velocity to be increased drastically, boosting the number of features that can be scanned in the same time frame. Temperature stability is built in through intelligent airflow management and software compensation measures. They minimize warm-up time and guarantee reliable accuracy under shop floor conditions.

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