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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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DEK Launches Low Volume Adhesive Dispenser
Low-volume adhesive dispenser.
Flemington, NJ — DEK has launched its brand new Stinger technology, an integrated ow-volume adhesive dispense module enabling dual function capability from a single screen printing platform. Suitable for customers working with mixed technology boards for example, the easy-to-use, flexible system incorporates innovative patented technology to eliminate unnecessary stoppages and raise productivity.

Traditionally, adhesive is used to secure MDs to the underside of the board during wave soldering or for large components in a reflow system. Stinger allows manufacturers to dispense adhesive dots in a pre-programmed pattern after the paste printing process has been completed. Easily integrated on the printer, it delivers dual function capability from a single platform, suitable for mixed technology applications requiring both solder paste and adhesive. Typical uses include those where adhesive is deposited for large devices that still require a wave solder process, products exposed to harsh environments, and fringe SMT applications such as corner bonding.

The special technology dispenses through a patented consumable auger valve system contained within the Stinger module. By enabling simple adhesive changeover with no system cleaning required, the removed valve can be reused with product changeover taking just a few minutes. By ensuring rapid product change and replenishment without system cleaning, Stinger minimizes manual intervention to eliminate production errors and streamline dispensing performance. Simple and fast set-up is enabled by the company's Instinctiv V9 advanced machine user interface which delivers intuitive operator prompts and guidance to enhance usability and reduce operator training requirements.

Contact: DEK, 8 Bartles Corner Rd., Flemington, NJ 08822 908-782-4140 fax: 908-782-4774 Web:

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