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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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FlexLink Automates Production at Loudspeaker Plant
Loudspeaker assembly line design provides adhesive drying time.
Worthing, U.K. — Increased production demands and an ever-expanding range forced B&W to take a fresh look at its existing facilities. B&W Loudspeakers installed a FlexLink XK pallet conveyor system in its production facility in Worthing, Sussex. The new drive unit assembly line, with specially modified pallets transports the company's loudspeakers through the assembly process.

"It became clear that our manufacture of drive-units above 180mm diameter would significantly increase to the point where we would not be able to continue with our existing bench build process within the space available", explained Neil Hunter, production engineer at B&W.

"It also became clear at this point that the overall volume of bass unit manufacture was to increase dramatically." An existing FlexLink conveyor installed eight years previously at the site prompted the manufacturer to get in touch with FlexLink again.

The company had been running up to 2000 units a day on its existing line which operated with manual workstations using the old-style adhesives with no problems. Now the company uses a new two-part acrylic technology and needed a fully automated satellite system handling heavier products with wider diameter chassis.

The new system consists of five FlexLink XK conveyor lines joined by crossovers and six gluing stations. The standard FlexLink pallets were modified to produce a unique motorized control system incorporating a stop-and-rotate procedure at each workstation. Once the partly-assembled speakers pass through the last gluing station, the pallets are transferred onto a buffer line allowing a 10- to 20-minute drying period for the acrylic to set.

Producing up to 5.000 units a week, reliability plus optimum efficiency were critical factors when choosing the system.

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