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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Rehm Oven Reflows Pb and Pb-Free Simultaneously
Blauberen, Germany — Rehm Thermal Systems' Dual Lane Vision X Series convection soldering system enables simultaneous lead-rich and lead-free reflow soldering in a single system. The technology is suitable for manufacturers who need to run parallel processes conveniently and cost-effectively.

The convection system is equipped with two conveyor lanes which can be operated asynchronously at different speeds. Employing this unique multi-track variant, manufacturers can also operate the two lanes asymmetrically with different lane widths. The two conveyors can be loaded with diverse PC boards printed with different solder pastes, while a flexible heating system enables the selection of ideal reflow profiles for the separate products.

The ovens use homogeneous, non-separated heating and cooling zones across the entire width of the conveyor, increasing operating convenience and reducing investment cost compared to other dual process design offerings.

According to the company, the convection reflow soldering system is a future-proof system that provides reliable, repeatable soldering results. Available with either an air or nitrogen atmosphere, the Vision Series offers an integrated residue management system including the company's Rehm Pyrolysis technology in the heat zones. Virtually maintenance-free, Pyrolysis splits long molecular chains into shorter ones to reduce the amount of condensable waste and unwanted dripping within the process chamber. The result is efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of contamination and increased user productivity.

Contact: Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH, Leinenstrasse 7, 89143 Blauberen, Germany Web:

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