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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Ink Jet Confab in Zurich
Zurich, Switzerland — IMI Europe's Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2009 is scheduled for June 2-3 at the Swissotel in Zurich, Switzerland. This expo/conference provides a special opportunity to personally meet with the ink jet industry's movers and shakers — all in one location.

Featured ink jet industry technology suppliers are Agfa Integrated Inkjet Solutions, Amica Software, Ardeje, Atexco, Buhler, Ceradrop, Collins Ink, Exfo Life Sciences, ImageXpert, Impika, Integration Technology, imaging Technology international, Olivetti, Phoseon Technology, Pivotal Resources, Sunjet, TTP, Xaar and Xennia Technology.

In addition, there will be keynote speakers from Digital Dots, Durst Phototechnik, I.T. Strategies, Pivotal Resources USA and Web Consulting to update attendees on the way key ink jet technologies, markets, and applications are evolving.

On Day One, four experts give free tutorials on key aspects of ink jet product development. The Ink Jet Tech Talk session features Dr. Graham Martin of Cambridge University, Dr. Olivier Morel of Xennia, Mike Willis of Pivotal Resources and Werner Van de Wynckel of VdW-Consulting.

Today's technology has produced much more advanced components and fluids, but there is rarely a combination that doesn't require breaking new ground. Most companies looking to use ink jet technology in their new products or processes consider the printhead technology first. Certainly it is a critical component and to a large extent will determine the print speed, resolution and cost of the final system. However, the ink is perhaps more important for many new and emerging applications and should be looked at first. There are serious constraints on ink jet ink formulation as materials compatibility, pigment loading and viscosity are very different from conventional analogue printing inks or pastes. To develop an ink that will be jettable and yet still retain the right functional and optical properties can be challenging.

Printhead technology for non-office applications has improved considerably over the past few years. Some heads are adapted from desktop technology, which makes them low-cost to purchase and can reduce maintenance costs. Dedicated industrial printheads cost more, but normally have a better capability as far as jetting ink is concerned, and last longer — and the choice is wider than ever before, with new players entering the market.

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