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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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LASER World of PHOTONICS Expands Exhibit Area
Munich, Germany — LASER 2009 World of PHOTONICS trade fair (June 15-18, 2009) will grow by more than 100,000 square feet despite the difficult worldwide economic environment. The additional area is necessary to accommodate more exhibitors, additional show features such as forums, and the growth of the LASER trade fair. It is being held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany.

LASER will include a diverse program to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences between research and industry. The world's leading optical companies will present a wide range of products from individual components to systems. Forums, special shows, workshops and discussion sessions will provide up-to-date information on lasers and photonics industry topics, trends and developments. LASER World of PHOTONICS and the World of Photonics Congress will focus on three key topics this year: biophotonics and life sciences, lasers in photovoltaics manufacturing, and illumination. The trade fair will present the key topics in joint exhibit booths, by individual exhibitors and in the accompanying program.

The World of Photonics Congress will present Application Panels, for the first time free of charge, at the forums in the exhibition halls. These Application Panels are an application-oriented series of lectures that bridge the gap between theory and practice. Themed "Lasers and photonics in actual practice" they will be divided into three areas: Biophotonics and life sciences with: laser-based photon and particle beams for medical applications, lasers for

biophotonics, and visions for future diagnostics; Innovative lasers and light generation in science and industry with short-pulse lasers in commercial applications, novel developments in solid-state laser technology, sustainable illumination concepts, and optical components and materials for high-power-lasers; Lasers and laser systems for production with lasers for photovoltaics, photovoltaics technologies utilizing lasers, rapid manufacturing, and use of high-brilliance beam sources.

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