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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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APEX Turns it all Around
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
As we predicted, this year's APEX Show was a watershed for our industry; most exhibitors went in with low-to-poor expectations, and almost all were pleasantly surprised. True, show attendance was down from previous years, in an effort to save on travel budgets for lower-echelon personnel, but those who were there had come to Las Vegas to buy, with purchase orders and checkbooks in hand.

Most equipment vendors were gratified to be able to sell their show floor equipment — an obvious saving in shipping costs since the hardware would be shipped to a customer instead of back to the company's warehouse. As far as we could determine, not one major piece of production equipment had to be shipped back to the exhibitor's home location. That in itself speaks volumes for the optimism and enthusiasm shown by so many visitors and exhibitors alike.

There were new alliances and partnering alignments, and a number of new programs designed to help the OEM put together a new product package faster, better, cheaper and more profitably.

Added to all this, U.S. Tech's snazzy new, all-glossy look was well received for what it was — a bold statement of optimism about our industry and the business outlook in general. High gloss on every page means that photos will reproduce better, advertising will look crisp and sharp, and everyone gets more bang for their buck.

U.S. Tech remains the largest, newsiest, continuously publishing print publication in our industry, and will continue to do so. It's up to us as the biggest and boldest to bring you important industry developments each month, along with news about technology leaps that may open up whole new markets. And new markets there will be as the economy begins to build momentum once again.  

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