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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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Industrial Ethernet Network Terminals from Weidmuller
NetBloc network terminals.
Richmond, VA — Weidmuller has introducted of a completely new networking and panel organization device — the NetBloc. The new product line is comprised of eleven different networking terminal units that provide network connection and network cable management on 35mm DIN-rails. This new line provides engineers with a method of organizing, managing, and labeling networking connections in much the same way they currently manage power and signal connections with terminal blocks.

There are four unique RJ45 versions including standard RJ45 to RJ45 couplers, RJ45 A-coded, RJ45 B-coded, and RJ45 PROFINET, each rated for cabling and performance to Cat6A. The six fiber optic versions include SC single mode, SC multimode, ST single-mode, ST multimode, LC Duplex single mode, and LC Duplex multimode. In addition to these 10 RJ45 and Fiber Optic models, there is also a very useful USB-to-USB version for connecting laptop computers or other USB enabled devices.

A special feature of each NetBloc is the functional earth grounding option that can be switched on or off during operation. This provides the built-in option to ground — a shielded network connection to the DIN-rail to reduce noise or potential ground loops.

The NetBloc line of Industrial Network terminals provides the most flexible Ethernet connection technology, when designing or deploying control cabinets and panels. All eleven versions have an IP20 environmental rating.

Contact: Weidmuller, 821 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236 804-794-2877 fax: 804-973-2593 Web:

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