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Publication Date: 05/1/2009
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LeCroy Intros Faster Digital 'Scopes
WaveSurfer Xs-A oscilloscope.
Chestnut Ridge, NY — LeCroy has introduced a line of WaveSurfer Xs-A and MXs-A digital oscilloscopes. The new 'scopes offer faster processing, a more responsive user interface, 5 Mpts/ch memory and LXI compliance in bandwidths from 200MHz to 1GHz. The striking black and silver design incorporates a 10.4-in. touch screen in a compact form factor.

The new generation of oscilloscopes builds on all the features and capabilities that have been part of WaveSurfer Xs since its introduction in 2006. Features such as WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode, WaveScan Search And Find, and mixed signal and serial data trigger and decode capabilities, all combine to make the Xs-A a powerful, flexible oscilloscope that shortens debug and validation time.

For engineers and technicians who need even more performance and capability,the MXs-A model includes extensive, advanced triggering, advanced math functions, long 10 Mpts/ch memory, higher sample rate, and LabNotebook documentation and report generation.

The two oscilloscopes were designed for speed and responsiveness. This shows up in improved trigger rates for every situation — from just capturing waveforms and making measurements to using FFTs and decoding serial data. According to the company, the XS-A and MXs-A oscilloscopes are up to 3X faster when compared with their predecessors.

The fast processing capability allows all math and analysis functions even at the longest memory settings without bogging down the entire instrument. The speed improvements come from a hardware configuration which has a new processor and memory. The improved responsiveness comes from incorporating elements of the company's X-Stream® II architecture — providing preview and abort capabilities that permit the user instant control of the oscilloscope without any hold-off or delay.

Contact: LeCroy Corp., 700 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6499 800-553-2769 or 845-425-2000 fax: 845-578-5985 E-mail Sales: Web:

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