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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Solving Design Problems with Flat Pack Transformers

Magnetic components are often viewed as constraints to power supply innovation. Today, market forces and research are driving power supplies to new levels of efficiency and power density. However, along with all this innovation comes a new level of circuit complexity complete with its own issues of ...
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How Mazak Upgraded its World-Class Parts Distribution Center

Mazak is the largest metal cutting machinery builder in the world, with eight manufacturing facilities in Japan, the United States, the UK, Singapore and China along with 30 technology centers world wide. By producing machines close to its major markets in the world Mazak better understands ...
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Danger: Counterfeit Components Having Population Explosion

Whether designing a new system or redesigning an old one, engineers often use components that have worked well for them in past — most often to reduce the risks of a delayed system introduction due to open supply channels for new, and recently released product...
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Improving Testing of Solar Energy Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic (PV) production is the world's fastest-growing energy technology, increasing by an average of 48 percent each year for the past six years. Evolving wafer-based photovoltaic technologies demand specialized machinery to accommodate these fragile and ever-thinning PV cells ...Read More
Design Considerations for Switches

In human-machine interface devices, the individual electromechanical switching mechanisms are where the rubber really meets the road. After all, it is with the individual switches that the machine's human counterpart actually interacts with the device and controls its processes. As such ...
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