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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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Getting the Cell Phone to Work Anywhere Any Time

This is the communications generation; we are always reachable, always connectable, and have absolutely no excuse for not answering our phone calls. Or don't we? How many times do we hear the other party breaking up or the call is simply dropped because of a lack of or poor signal. If we're driving
in a poor signal area, chances of a dropped call go up exponentially.
Then when you add in an air card for Internet access, the problem can get even more dicey, which has certainly been my case, living and working as I do in a large motor home. All too many of the camping resorts I have stayed in are in fringe areas for Verizon Wireless, yet as much as I might be tempted, I won't change mobile providers simply because I believe that Verizon still has the best nationwide coverage of all of them.
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