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Publication Date: 06/1/2009
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A Brilliant and Determined Genius

A few centuries ago, when I had my very first job in a publishing house — specializing in electronics, of course — I was amused by the owner's office that sported a bust of Nicola Tesla on a column situated just inside his office door so you had to kind of sidestep to get around the Tesla pedestal.
Today, there's an electric car that bears the great innovator's name; I drove past a Tesla showroom the other day in Menlo Park, California — especially ironic since... Read More
Buy a Computer Anyone?

I went to a funeral celebration a few weeks ago. It was called a "Going Out of Business Sale", but it was really a funeral, with thousands of attendees, who came in response to an intense advertising campaign. The funeral was at Circuit City, a nationwide electronics chain that was always there as a
store of last resort. It was a last resort because there was always a Best Buy nearby.
I went to the funeral hoping to find a bargain-priced item or something that I absolutely could not live without. Alas, I found nothing in either category, and that simply...
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