Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Mirtec Upgrades Entire AOI Line
MV-7 AOI system.
Oxford, CT — Mirtec is unveiling the latest advancements to its MV Series of AOI systems as well as introducing its first in-line SPI system, the Mirtec MS-11. The company's MV-3L Desktop AOI System is a 5-camera desktop AOI system; in its newest iteration, it is configured with a 4 Mega Pixel top-down camera with 9.8µ resolution and four side-view cameras. The new configuration has a 2D camera bar code reader and an auto-clamp option.

The system also has the Intelli-Beam laser to provide the "The Third Dimension" in inspection capability — the ability to precisely measure the Z-height of a given region of interest. This advanced technology provides four-point height measurement capability for co-planarity testing of BGA and CSP devices as well as enhanced solder paste measurement capability.

Also new is the latest in the MV-7 Series: the MV-7xi in-line AOI system. Fully configured, this system provides one top-down 4 Mega Pixel camera with 9.8µ resolution and 4 side-view cameras.

The patented "Quad Angle Lighting System" provides 4 independently programmable zones for optimal illumination of inspection areas. The MV-7xi will have a 2D camera bar code reader, a high-throughput, three-stage PC board conveyor and a PC board under board support system. This system will also be configured with the company's Intelli-Scan laser — advanced technology that provides superior lifted lead detection for gull wing devices, 4-point height measurement capability for co-planarity testing of BGA and CSP devices, and enhanced solder paste measurement capability.

Also new is the company's MS-11 in-line SPI system which uses shadow moire technology and phase stepping image processing to inspect solder paste deposition on PC boards post screen print. This technology is far superior to laser SPI technology. The MS-11 will inspect for insufficient solder, excessive solder, shape deformity, shift of deposition and bridging. The MS-11 is configured with an ultra high resolution 2 Mega Pixel camera system for enhanced image quality and superior accuracy.

Contact: Mirtec Corp., 1 Jacks Hill Rd., Unit 1D, Oxford, CT 06478 203-881-5559 fax: 203-881-3322 Web:


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