Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Magnet Wire Stripper from Eraser
Magnet and enamel wire stripper.
Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model DCFV1 Magnet and Enamel Wire Stripper will strip round magnet and enamel wires with any type of film insulation including Formvar, nylon, polythermaleze and varnish. The DCFV1 hand piece contains its own internal dust collection system which operates when the switch is depressed. The variable speed power unit controls the speed.

Insulation is cleanly removed but the wire conductor is not damaged. This tool is suitable for the production and repair stripping of armatures, coils, chokes, transformers, relays and solenoids.
Contact: The Eraser Company, Inc., P.O. Box 4961 Syracuse, NY 13221 800-724-0594 or 315-454-3237 fax: 315-454-3090 E-mail: Web:

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