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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Tolomatic Actuator Delivers High Velocities
Belt-driven actuator.
Minneapolis MN — The new MXB-U actuator belt-driven linear actuator from Tolomatic uses an unguided carriage system that is capable of velocities of up to 200-in./sec and accelerations of up to 1,200-in./sec2. Designed for automated assembly, milling or work center positioning of externally guided parts, the actuator provides high linear velocities and accelerations.

According to the company, for factory automation applications that involve externally guided components, the MXB-U unguided belt-driven actuator provides an economical, compact and pre-engineered linear-motion solution,

The actuator has a durable polyurethane high-torque drive (HTD) tooth profile drive belt with steel tensile members to resist stretching. Belt tension can be easily adjusted through an open slot in the guide plate without disassembling the actuator. The drive shaft assembly incorporates oversized shielded/sealed ball bearings for long life and high speeds. Built on a lightweight, clear, anodized aluminum extrusion for rigidity and strength, the design also features external bumpers to protect the belt and clamp assembly from damage at the end-of-stroke.

The belt-driven actuators are available with optional direct drive that couples the electric motor to the drive shaft through a one-piece aluminum housing constructed for optimum alignment and support. Reduction gear options of 3:1 or 2:1 are available. Drive motors that meet customer specifications can be supplied by Tolomatic, or the drive housing can be customized to fit virtually any motor.

Standard MXB-U belt-driven actuators are available in six models ranging from 16 to 63mm. Stroke lengths are configurable in any increments up to 200-in. (5.0 meters), depending on body size.

Contact: Tolomatic, 3800 County Road 116, Hamel, MN 763-478-4372 fax: 763-478-4309 Web:

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