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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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RPS Selective Soldering System at US Navy Center of Excellence
Precision, robotic selective soldering system.
Spokane Valley, WA — RPS Automation LLC has deployed an advanced robotic selective soldering system at ACI Technologies, a research corporation serving the US Navy Center of Excellence.

ACI is described as being committed to evaluating, demonstrating and using the most advanced electronics manufacturing techniques in the world. The RPS selective soldering system deployment at ACI is a testament to the innovation and superior quality of these made-in-U.S.A. systems.

ACI is now using an Opus III Selective Soldering System which performs precise automated robotic soldering of thru-hole and odd-form components and lead attach applications. The machine utilizes a top-side gantry with 360° of rotation, 0-10° of programmable tilt and tool-free accommodation of PCBs as large as 18 x 18-in. (455 x 455mm).

The company's proprietary Gaussian MiniWave Nozzles from 2 to 20mm in diameter, deliver tall, stable mini waves of solder that can handle an enormous range of applications, from long leads to tight keep away pin placements. The Opus at ACI is lead and lead-free ready with quick change solder pots; ACI is also using a 6-in. conventional wave nozzle to handle traditional wave processing without the higher cost and maintenance of a wave system.

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