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Publication Date: 03/1/2009
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Universal's First AdVantisX Production Platform On Line
AdvantisX assembly platform.
Binghamton, NY — McIntosh Laboratory, manufacturer of well-known ultra-luxury home entertainment solutions, recently installed Universal Instruments' first surface mount technology production line in its Binghamton manufacturing facility. The new McIntosh production line, which uses the first production AdVantisX platform, will be used to manufacture the company's line of luxury home entertainment products.

The AdVantisX will serve as the only surface mount placement machine in the production line. The new-generation, low-cost surface mount platform is the newest member of the Advantis® family, AdVantisX is a platform that is targeted firmly at the mid-tier assembly sector. It uses the company's patented linear motor positioning system, a technology that makes it the most powerful solution available for the demands of today's low-cost markets.

According to the company, the new machine delivers exceptional performance while providing affordability. The AdVantisX lineup includes single- and dual-gantry high-speed models empowered by Lightning Head technology. The machine also delivers several multifunction configurations utilizing the new Inline7 and Inline4 High Force flexible heads.

With broad product mixes that EMS providers must now accommodate, along with increasing technical diversity in the products manufacturers are being asked to build, a reactive approach using dedicated equipment sets is no longer a cost-effective solution. This system offers a special approach that delivers innovative equipment technologies that prepare manufacturers for the unknown, allowing them to embrace the uncertainty of future requirements.

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